Sophia and Iumegoodness is a space where I can share what I’ve learned and am learning about building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family, seeking a balance of  whole foods, active living, and overall wellness.

Why “umegoodness”?

I have dealt with food addiction, compulsive overeating and excess weight for pretty much my whole life. I have tried countless diets and fads to try to find balance with my weight, but nothing has worked for the long term. However, this trying struggle has not been without its positive discoveries. I learned that I love exercise and especially running and have successfully gone on to run a handful of 10K races. Along the way I also discovered a love for nutrition and began researching health voraciously which led ultimately to discovering the merits of a plant-based diet. For 7 years I enjoyed an amazing vegan diet. Now I’m allowing myself to eat dairy and meat again (long story), but still trying to find balance for how to eat mostly plant-based. High fat, high salt, and high sugar foods are also available in any diet.

The name of this blog was inspired by a popular macrobiotic food, the umeboshi plum. I make a delicious, healthy and simple umeboshi vinegar vinaigrette (from the Kind Life cookbook by Alicia Silverstone) that I put onto steamed leeks or bok choy. I find this simple, clean, nutritious and delicious recipe very inspirational and hope to eat this way as much as I can.

Cast of characters:

Sophia: Our smiley, bubbly little girl who amazes us every day. She is so sweet and is extremely curious about everything in the world. So far she  loves books, cars that go vroom-vroom, balls, things that make music, and dancing.

Jason: My beloved husband. We met in high school and have been inseparable ever since.  He is supportive, patient, comedic in the worst way possible, and an incurable gamer.   What can I say?  Geeks are the bomb.

Leah:  Our german-shepherd-husky-mix dog who is an athletic, loving, excitable, energetic-beyond-belief bundle of fur. She seems to have finally settled down in our family after her experience moving from place to place as a rescue. She was rescued originally from a Quebec kill pound by an animal rescue and then was fostered for a short time. As a result of all her experience she is very attached to us, which has made off-leash dog park jaunts very easy.

Benjamin: our lovely orange tabby cat who we adopted after he was found abandoned in an apartment building (posters hung about led to no one claiming him).  He is a furry flurry of contradictions: a bit of a grouch, independent, an amazing jumper, and yet prone to bouts of passionate and unabashed cuddle sessions. At least once a day I am called upon for some serious nuzzly cuddly action, and I can’t complain.Mars: How to describe our youngest feline?  While he may be male he has the most feminine luxurious fur and dainty features. He absolutely lives for his food and for being brushed and doted upon. Innocent, forgetful, and just gorgeous.  We adopted him from a local SPCA – he was the one ignoring all visitors and curled up in a ball asleep.

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